Boveda is a very popular new company that has redesigned the way you and your customers can humidify a cigar. They have accomplished this task so well that their top-of-the-line patented two-way humidity system has become the industry standard for all the top cigar manufacturers. This groundbreaking device releases the perfect amount of RH into your humidor, giving the cigar smoker huge peace of mind, especially when they have tons of cash invested in their smokes. Another top feature of the Boveda Humidity packs is that they will not damage your smokes in any way, even when coming in direct contact. Your customers can throw a Boveda Pack right into the mix among the cigars in their humidor without any worry. Available in a variety of different humidity levels and sizes, including packs for seasoning and breaking in humidors, order Boveda Humidity Packs for your customers’ piece of mind at rock-bottom wholesale prices with Santa Clara Cigars.

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