Large Humidity Pack 72 3HPL72

For customers to keep their cigar collections at a constant humidity without any fuss or worry, they should use Boveda Large 72% Humidity Packs. Unlike older humidification methods like solutions and beads that require measuring and constant maintenance, Boveda packs offer a two-way humidification system that innately manages the humidity of a humidor at 72%. It prevents cigars from drying out as well as keeps them from becoming damp, so your shoppers can just throw a pack in with their collections and forget about them! There is also no risk of damaging the cigars with Boveda, allowing total flexibility with humidification. Coming in boxes of 12, place your online order with Santa Clara Cigars today to get Boveda Large 72% Humidity Packs at unbeatable wholesale prices.

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Box of 12

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