72% Boveda 320G 6pk Carton 3HP372

Ideal for keeping a large collection of premium cigars at a constant humidity, Boveda 72% 320G 6pk Cartons will allow your customers to properly humidify their cigars without any worry or mess. Boveda is famous for its innovative two-way humidification that prevents the cigars from either becoming too dry or too damp, ensuring a constant 72% humidity in any environment. The large 320-gram packs can also manage the humidification of up to 100 cigars, perfect for any serious connoisseur with a large cigar collection. Boveda also sets itself apart from more traditional humidification methods like solutions and beads with no measuring, fussing, or mess – simply place the Boveda amongst the cigars and that’s it! You can get Boveda 72% 320G 6pk Cartons for your retail humidor at unbeatable wholesale prices by ordering your inventory online from Santa Clara cigars.

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