Blackstone Tipped

Blackstone Tipped cigars are an incredibly popular machine-made brand that is made with 100% pipe tobacco. They provide a relaxing, enjoyable, and aromatic experience that is very similar to smoking a pipe. Available in Vanilla, Peach, Wine, and Cherry, and packaged in 20 packs of five, these affordable stogies will appeal to a wide variety of palates. In addition to their mouthwatering flavors, Blackstone Tipped cigars are rolled in a convenient 4.5x30, perfect for the smoker on the go who does not have the time to enjoy a full-sized premium cigar. In addition, each little cigar is adorned with a plastic tip, so customers won’t have to worry about the end of the cigar getting hot making for a pleasurable smoking experience. Keep Blackstone Tipped cigars by the register in your cigar store to turn a serious profit; order online today from Santa Clara Cigars and get the best wholesale prices.

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