Humidifier Solution

Humidifier Solutions are essential for maintaining a humidor’s relative humidity between 65-72%, so be sure your cigar store is stocked up for your customers. We host a variety of famous brands like Madelaine, Paradigm, and Ciguardian in either 8 or 16 fluid ounce bottles so your customers can choose the option best for them. Humidifier Solutions are also far easier to manage than distilled water setups, which have the potential to over-humidify cigars as well as under-humidified. Solutions will instead maintain a constant humidity, so your shoppers can dedicate less attention to keeping their handmade premium cigars fresh and properly humidified. They also make a great pairing to sell with humidifiers, adding a bit of profit to your bottom line. Best of all, when you order online from Santa Clara Cigars you get the best wholesale prices on the web for all your Humidifier Solution needs!
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