Travel Humidors

Travel Humidors are must have accessory to keep in stock for premium cigar smokers on the go. Here at Santa Clara we carry a huge selection of travel humidors that can hold 5, 10, or more cigars, all sold for the very best wholesale prices on the web. Available in various shapes and sizes, finished in their choice of exotic woods, super-strong ABS molded plastic, and other eye-catching materials, Santa Clara is your one stop shop for top-quality wholesale priced travel humidors. Furthermore, our super large assortment of travel humidors from famous brands that include Xikar, Paradigm, Jetline, Tommy Bahama, and more, will suit the needs of just about every cigar shoppers, budget, lifestyle, and the amount of cigars that they are looking to keep fresh. Check out our extensive line of travel humidors and find the ones that you feel will be profitable and popular items to showcase in your store.

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