Dutch Masters

Crafted by Altadis USA in Puerto Rico, Dutch Masters is America’s top-selling machine-made cigar brand and has been a popular choice for smokers dating as far back as 1912. Proven to be extremely profitable, these stogies are a must-have offering for tobacco shops, convenience stores, liquor stores, gas stations, and other establishments with heavy cigar-buyer traffic. Available in a large variety of enjoyable and satisfying mouthwatering flavors and styles, Dutch Masters cigars are for sale in bulk on the Santa Clara Cigars website in both boxes and resealable foil-fresh packs in the classic Cigarillo, Corona, Palma, and President sizes, as well as the newer Dutch by Dutch Masters Cigarillos fusion flavors. They are priced for your advantage at the lowest prices allowed. Be sure to have a diverse assortment of these Dutch Masters conveniently on display for your patrons by ordering these cigars wholesale from Santa Clara Cigars.

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