Odor Eliminator

While your customers are certain to love the smell of cigars, their guests might not be so pleased, so make sure your cigar store has Odor Eliminators on hand for them to purchase and keep their smoking areas smelling fresh. Available in both powders for ashtrays and sprays for the room, Odor Eliminators are exceptionally effective at absorbing any foul odor, whether it be cigar smoke, pet odors, or whatever other smells your shoppers need eliminated. For the powders, they simply sprinkle a quarter-sized amount of powder in their ashtrays or spots on a carpet, leave overnight to do its work, and vacuum up the next day. The spray is even easier, just spray around the room and the odors will disappear. Odor Eliminators also come in a variety of pleasing aromas like Classic, Rustic, and Vintage to not only take away foul odors, but add pleasant ones and ensure their smoking areas are a joy to stay in. To get your inventory of Odor Eliminators at the best wholesale prices on the web, order them online right here with Santa Clara Cigars today.
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