Captain Black
Little Cigars

Captain Black Little Cigars are little machine-made filtered treats that are perfect for customers who never seem to have the time for a full-sized cigar. Captain Black started out in the tobacco market by selling premium pipe tobacco, and that same top-quality tobacco is found in each and every Captain Black Little Cigar. Your cigar shoppers can choose from a variety of sweet and savory flavors, such as Peach Rum, Vanilla, Cherry, and Sweets, all in a petite 3.75x20 size format for a quick and satisfying smoke. Popular among little cigar fans and those with time and budget constraints for their smokes, customers will be clamoring for these tasty treats, pulling in profit for your shop. Available in soft-packs of 20 with 10 packs to a box for a grand total of 200 little sticks per box, you can stock your cigar store with Captain Black Little Cigars at the best wholesale prices when you order online today with Santa Clara Cigars.

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