Rocky Patel Cigars

With its overwhelming popularity throughout the world, every merchant owes it to themselves to carry the full line of Rocky Patel Cigars. In fact, these top-of-the-line, award winning cigars are so darn popular, that if you don’t stock them, your clientele will look elsewhere to find them! Rocky Patel’s passion for cigars and his quest for excellence are very recognizable in each and every blend that he creates. His fabulous portfolio of premium pleasures that includes the Vintage series, the famous Edge Line, Twentieth Anniversary, Freedom, Fire, Royale, and many more, are widely considered to be some of the best luxury-class boutique cigars ever made. Here at Santa Clara, the world’s largest cigar wholesale distributors, we carry the full line of Rocky Patel Cigars for the very best prices on the web. Stock up on the many savory blends today and start building a huge following of Rocky Patel brand loyalists.

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