Borkum Riff

Borkum Riff Imported Pipe Tobacco has been one of the best-selling brands of premium pipe tobacco in the United States for decades. A rich, Scandinavian recipe composed of traditional Cavendish and golden Virginia aged tobaccos; Borkum Riff provides an aromatic smoke with a wide variety of savory flavors. Your customers will be able to choose from the Original blend, Black Cavendish, Bourbon Whiskey, Cherry Cavendish, or Cherry Liqueur varieties. Just about every cigar store in the country is fully stocked with this popular brand, so you won’t want your shoppers to look elsewhere to find some. The top-quality, highly aromatic blends of Borkum Riff Imported Pipe Tobacco are available right here at Santa Clara in affordable 5-pack pouches and 7.5 oz. tins, so order online today to get unbeatable wholesale prices!

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