1 Year Small Bag 1-5 Cigars 3OYBS

Perfect for beginner aficionados and thrifty customers alike, Boveda 1 Year Small 1-5 Cigar Bags take up way less space than a traditional humidor and remove the variables that come with humidors. These small airtight humidor-bags can comfortably fit up to 5 cigars, making them great travel companions or for starting a new cigar collection. There is also an included 72% Boveda pack that can maintain the freshness of their cigars for up to a year. This is an excellently convenient way for any aficionado to keep a stash of cigars fresh and in top-quality condition without them having to worry and are sure to make an excellent addition to your retail lineup. You can stock up on Boveda 1 Year Small 1-5 Cigar Bags at unbeatable wholesale prices by ordering them online with Santa Clara Cigars.

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