65% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton 3HP865

There is nothing better than Boveda for your customers can keep their premium cigars fresh and in top quality, and Boveda 65% 8-Gram 10pk Cartons are a great for them to keep in their travel humidors and cigar boxes. Boveda’s two-way humidity control means they will prevent both under- and over-humidification, protecting against more than just dryness. The small 8-gram packs are also perfectly sized for keeping a box of cigars or a travel humidor at the indicated humidity, allowing your customers to have fresh cigars wherever they go. Best of all, Boveda takes the mess out of humidification by doing away with the fussy solutions and beads – customers just throw them in the humidor and leave them be! To stock up on Boveda 65% 8-Gram 10pk Cartons at unbeatable wholesale prices, place your online order with Santa Clara Cigars today!

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