Large Humidity Pack 65 3HPL65

Boveda Large 65% Humidity Packs are the best way for your customers to keep the cigars in their humidors at a constant 65% humidity. Unlike propylene glycol solutions and humidification beads, Boveda provides a mess-free method for regulating the humidity of a humidor. The two-way humidification means the packs both provide and withdraw humidity from the environment, meaning cigars will never dry out or get too damp. The 60-gram size can also humidify about 25 cigars, perfect for desktop humidors and small collections. And with a dozen packs per box, your customers will not have to worry about humidification for a while. Place your online order with Santa Clara Cigars today to get 12-count Boveda Large 65% Humidity Packs at unbeatable wholesale prices.

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