Wholesale Filtered Cigars

Filter tipped cigars capture a large segment of the market, and appeal to those customers who enjoy a small, affordable machine-made smoke. They are great as a stand-alone or an added-on option to a larger purchase. Premium handmade enthusiasts often turn to these tasty little devils when they are on the go, or don’t have time to relax with a full-sized stick but still desire that nicotine kick. Therefore, realizing that most retailers need to carry these, Santa Clara Cigars, one of the leading wholesale cigar distributors in the nation, always has the largest selection of filtered cigars available online. Take a good look below and you will find a wide array of the most popular filtered brands including Phillies, Swisher Sweet, Black and Mild, and Hav-A-Tampa to name a few, all sold at rock bottom prices. Order some filtered cigars at wholesale prices for your cigar store today with Santa Clara Cigars.

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