69% Boveda 320G 6pk Carton 3HP369

Nothing beats Boveda when it comes to keeping your customers’ cigars fresh and ready to smoke, and Boveda 69% 320G 6pk Cartons will be an excellent choice to offer those who have large collections. Boveda’s unique and ground-breaking two-way humidification will not only help their cigars stay humidified, but they also prevent the cigars from becoming over-humidified as well. Using a Boveda pack is also incredibly simple, shoppers need only take the pack out of the sealed plastic and place it amongst the cigars in their humidor. Once the pack is crunchy and crispy, it is time for a new pack to keep their cigars in top-quality condition. Stock up on Boveda 69% 320G 6pk Cartons at the best wholesale prices on the web by placing your order right here at Santa Clara Cigars.

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