Oliva Cigars

As the world’s largest tobacco growers in all of Nicaragua, Oliva Cigars have the resources to provide smokers with the finest blends on the market, all perfectly aged to perfection. Furthermore, here at Santa Clara, the world’s largest wholesale cigar distributors, we have the buying power to carry the full line of Oliva cigars and sell them to you for the best prices on the web. Oliva cigars offer many different and enjoyable blends that create memorable experiences for all who indulge. Whether your shoppers are looking for smooth and sweet cigars, big and bold flavors, or celebratory smokes, there’s an Oliva choice that will satisfy even the most discriminating connoisseur. At Santa Clara Cigars, there are a bunch of different options in terms of sizes, flavor profiles, and packaging types for you to choose from and introduce to your customers. Your premium cigar collection wouldn’t be complete without Oliva cigars, so stock up today!

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