Room 101 Jewelry

Room 101 Jewelry comes from the creative mind of Matt Booth. Yes, that Matt Booth. Before he fell in love with the art of cigar making, Matt Booth’s first creative endeavor was in the realm of luxury jewelry. The inspiration for Room 101 Jewelry and Matt Booth’s unique style comes from his time as U.S. Infantry Marine and stationed in East Asia. He fell in love with Eastern culture and motifs, which continue to drive Booth’s creative style in both top-shelf jewelry and premium cigars. Crafted in Booth’s Los Angeles studio, Room 101 Jewelry has a distinctive style and flair that will elevate the look of any aficionado that passes through your cigar store. Whether it be bracelets, dog tags, or cuff links, your customers will love the way Room 101 Jewelry complements their look. To stock up on Room 101 Jewelry at the best wholesale prices on the web, place your online order with Santa Clara Cigars today!
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