Cigar Ashtrays

Cigar ashtrays are a necessity for any cigar smoker, so provide your customers with some of the best cigar ashtrays available on the market. Santa Clara Cigars is proud to offer a wide variety of cigar ashtrays, available in top-quality and durable materials like metal, crystal and ceramic to suit just about every smoker’s style. We offer several top-shelf ashtray brands, including Xikar, Stinky, Tommy Bahama, and a plethora of some of the most popular cigar brands around. And to keep your ashtray clean smelling and fresh, we also carry the Whiff Out Ashtray Deodorizer. For your clientele that likes to smoke on the go, we have a line of cupholder ashtrays that you can offer to them. Another reason to stock up on cigar ashtrays from Santa Clara is they make great gift items to sell in your store. While you’re browsing on Santa Clara Cigars for restocking your cigar store, make sure you also order some cigar ashtrays to fulfill your customers’ needs.

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