Lotus Cigar Lighters

Santa Clara, the world’s largest seller of wholesale cigar torch lighters, is proud to carry a wide variety of Lotus Cigar Lighters— considered by many to be some of the best lighting machines on the market today. Developed by a leading team of highly skilled engineers, Lotus manufacturers all their lighters with European design, elegance, and precision with the budget conscious consumer in mind. the Lotus cigar lighter, available in single, double, and triple windproof flame models, all perform like a champ in any indoor or outdoor smoking environment. Available in stunning eye catching, sturdy metal finishes that feel comfortable in the hand, Lotus Cigar Lighters are available in a lovely array of vibrant and more subdued colors, all sold right here at Santa Clara for the best wholesale prices on the web. Lotus Cigar Lighters are reliable, functional, and will be admired by all who see it, with the end result being many profitable sales!

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