Xikar Cigar Cutters

X0 Black Cutter 3X0BK

Truly one of the best cigar cutters your customers could ever own, the Xikar X0 Black Cutter are guaranteed to be a popular item in your cigar store. These amazingly well engineered cutters feature a patent-pending planetary gear system that will give them the perfect cut on their handmade premium cigars every time since the blades move together, not independently like most double-guillotine cutters. Not only that, but the striking matte-black finish and blade-locking mechanism, paired with the incredible durability of the metal may well make this cutter one of the last accessories your customers will need. Get Xikar X0 Black Cutters on your shop’s shelves at unbeatable wholesale prices by ordering your inventory online with Santa Clara Cigars today and add this luxury cutter to your stock.
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