Xikar Cigar Cases

Envoy Cognac 3241CN

Xikar Cigar Cases are the ideal way for your customers to commute with their cherished premium cigars and keep them safe and fresh while traveling. The Xikar brand is famous across the industry for their top-shelf cigar accessories, and your cigar store’s portfolio is incomplete without their cigar cases available to your customers. Available in two sizes, one for a single stick and one for up to three cigars, these stylish cases come in two top-quality leather finishes, black and cognac. Under the leather finish is a sturdy aluminum shell that can telescopically expand to fit cigars up to 7 inches in length, and the inside is lined with aromatic Spanish cedar to help ensure the cigars stay fresh and ready to smoke. These luxury cases are sure to catch the eyes of your customers with their stylish look, which will help add to your bottom-line profits. Available here at Santa Clara Cigars at the best wholesale prices on the web, order your inventory of Xikar Cigar Cases online today and offer your shoppers a cigar accessory that they can count on!
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