Vertigo Cigar Cutters

Lil Bro 60-Ring Closed Back 3VCULB

With its closed back and wide aperture, the Vertigo Lil’ Bro 60-Ring Closed Back Cigar Cutter is an excellent option for your newcoming customers and seasoned aficionados alike. This excellent and shockingly affordable double-guillotine cigar cutter boasts stainless steel blades with a sharp edge to cut through a cigar without any damage. The backing plate also prevents the cigar from being cut too far down the shoulder to deliver the perfect cut every time. This is the perfect cutter for your customers to use while traveling and a great way for the most novice shoppers to cut their cigars flawlessly. Stock up on Vertigo Lil’ Bro 60-Ring Closed Back Cigar Cutters at unbeatable wholesale prices by ordering your inventory online with Santa Clara Cigars today.

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