Dutch Masters

Dutch Leaf Pure Tobacco 4.5 × 32.0  DMLPT

Dutch Masters Dutch Leaf Pure Tobacco cigars are machine made with Caribbean basin Cuban-seed tobacco short fillers and all natural, rustic leaf wrapper with a shaggy foot and unfinished cap. These mellow bodied smokes are a great recommendation for cigar shoppers who enjoy natural tobacco taste without the addition of any flavorings . Dutch Leaf Pure Tobacco( 4.5 x 32) cigars are sold in 30 packs with two of these tasty morsels in every fresh -seal pack. Order yours today for our everyday low wholesale cigar prices, and start seeing your profits soar with these highly popular smokes from Dutch Masters… America’s top-selling machine-made cigar brand since 1912.
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Natural Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed

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