Dutch Delites

Swiss Chico's Maduro 4.50 × 22 DELSDM

Dutch Delites are very popular machine-made cigars available in several top-quality wrapper varieties so that you can provide your customers with a wide range of flavors. Starting off with a core of expertly dry-cured short filler tobaccos, the shoppers in your cigar store can enjoy a Brazilian, Sumatran, Maduro, or Java wrapper leaf, with every blend providing good and balanced mellow-bodied flavors. The Classic Brazil and Wild Brazil boast notes of smoked wood, leather, pepper, and spice, while the Classic Sumatra and Wild Sumatra provide flavors of spice, cocoa, nuts, and earthy tobacco. The Wild blends differ from the Classic by featuring a top-notch shaggy foot that adds complexity. Swiss Chico, in either Java or Maduro varietals, have more of a sweet dessert taste, providing delicate coffee, cream, and vanilla notes. Shipped in affordable boxes of 50 so your clientele gets the best bang for their buck, order the collection of Dutch Delites at the best wholesale prices on the web with Santa Clara Cigars.
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