Colibri Cigar Lighters

Monaco Metallic Blue 3CMNT8

Colibri Monaco Metallic Blue Cigar Lighters are sure to impress shoppers that have an appreciation for luxury and quality. Drawing inspiration from the world of motorsports where top-of-the-line engineering is the key to victory, the Monaco Metallic Blue lighter is made with that same dedication to craftsmanship and precision. A simple pull of the slide ignition button reveals a powerful triple-jet torch flame that will never yield to the wind, and the lid protects the nozzle when not in use. There is also an included fuel window that allows customers to peer into the tank and see exactly how much fuel is left. The sleek and slim design also makes it incredibly comfortable. Put Colibri Monaco Metallic Blue Cigar Lighters on display in your cigar store at unbeatable wholesale prices by placing your inventory order online with Santa Clara Cigars today.
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