Colibri Cigar Lighters

Firebird White Ascent Lighter 3FBASW

Colibri Firebird White Ascent Cigar Lighters are affordable and reliable no-frills cigar lighters that are built to get the job done. Featuring a protective lid that locks closed, a wrist strap, and a large fuel tank, this cigar lighter is a great companion for just about any aficionado that enters your cigar store. Rated to function at up to 12,000 feet of altitude, it produces a windproof and powerful jet torch flame that can stand against the elements. Its clear-white plastic body allows customers to see right into the fuel tank so they will never have to guess when it is time for a refill. Keep Colibri Firebird White Ascent Cigar Lighters right by the register and order your inventory online today with Santa Clara Cigars to stock up at the best wholesale prices on the web.
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