Cigar Humidors

Bally II 100-Count 3HBALYII

After buying some premium cigars from your shop customers will need a spot to keep their cigars fresh, so stock up on Bally II 100-Count Cigar Humidors to give their cigars a good place to stay. Boasting a luxurious wood grain finish with a perfectly sealed glass top, this humidor will pull together any customers’ home or office décor. To enhance the aging process, the interior is lined with top-quality Spanish cedar and includes a cedar shelf with a divider that helps to keep everything organized and orderly. The outside-facing analog hygrometer, complete with a stunning brass finish, allows them to get a read on the humidity inside without disturbing the internal conditions. Get Bally II 100-Count Cigar Humidors for your shop at the best wholesale prices on the web by ordering them today with Santa Clara Cigars.
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