75% Boveda 8gram 10pk Carton 3HP875

Your customers can keep the cigars in their travel humidors, cigar boxes, and cigar cases at a constant humidity by adding Boveda 75% 8-Gram 10pk Cartons to your retail shelves. The small 8-gram packs are ideal for keeping a small collection of 5-10 cigars, like those in a cigar case or travel humidor, at a continuous 75% humidity. The high humidity is also great for containers that are not airtight, providing a little extra moisture to make up for what gets out. There is also no fuss or mess involved with Boveda – customers just add a pack among their cigars and leave them! Place your order with Santa Clara Cigars today to get your inventory of Boveda 75% 8-Gram 10pk Cartons at the best wholesale prices on the web.

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