1 Year Large Bag 50 Cigars 3OYBL

With Boveda 1 Year Large 50-Cigar Bags, your customers can skip the humidor altogether to store their cigars in top-quality conditions. This large humidor-bag is capable of holding up to 50 cigars and contains enough 72% Boveda packs to keep the cigars properly humidified for up to a year. This allows them to skip the mess and fuss of propylene glycol solutions, beads, and distilled water as well as save space on their desks with no need for a humidor. Boveda 1 Year Large 50-Cigar Bags are an excellent choice for beginners and seasoned aficionados alike, taking a ton of the guesswork out of maintaining a cigar collection. Place your online order with Santa Clara Cigars today to get Boveda 1 Year Large 50-Cigar Bags at the best wholesale prices on the web!

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