Baccarat Barber Pole

Limited Edition Rothschild 5 × 50 BCRBP

A true timeless classic, Baccarat is a highly popular, mellow Honduran brand that’s beloved for its creamy-smooth flavors and a signature sweet gum cap. Now, for the first time ever, the company has stepped up its game by producing the Baccarat Barber Pole cigars that are available in just one limited edition 5 x 50 Robusto made exclusively for yours truly—Santa Clara Cigars. Every smoker whether new or old, can easily identify a barber pole cigar when they see it, because it has two, and in rare cases three intertwined wrappers of contrasting colors, just like a real barber pole. What makes a barber pole a very special treat for cigar connoisseurs, is its highly complex, ever revolving tasting notes, because once lit, both the dark and light wrapper leaves release their own distinct flavors at the exact same time. In the case of Baccarat Barber Pole cigars, the dual wrappers consist of a dark and oily Connecticut Broadleaf maduro expertly interwoven with a lighter Connecticut Shade leaf. Underneath this eye-catching dual crown, is the finest aged Honduran long filler tobaccos, held together by a bold and zesty Mexican binder. After lighting this artisanal beauty, your clientele will be greeted by a solid medium bodied smoke whose core flavors of leather, cocoa, and hazelnut, meld effortlessly with a creamy tobacco sweetness from the lighter wrapper, simultaneously joined by chocolate and black pepper notes from the maduro leaf. The end result is undeniably the most complex and captivating blend that Baccarat has ever produced, making it the perfect recommendation for customers that are looking to enhance their smoking experience in a unique and very savory way. These luscious, limited edition Robusto’s are available in economical and affordable 5-packs, and modestly priced boxes of 25, that will both add exciting new expressions of flavor to your Baccarat cigar display.
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Connecticut Broadleaf / Connecticut Shade