Henry Clay

Breva 5.5 × 42.0  HCB5

Standard cigars are great, but there is nothing quite the luxury and experience that comes along with a good pipe and some fresh tobacco. At Santa Clara, we want to be more than just your number one cigar wholesaler, so we also carry an unbeatable selection of wholesale pipe tobacco. We carry hundreds of different blends available to you in bags, various size tins, and large bulk quantities to feature as highly profitable house blends that you can display in counter-top jars. Buying Pipe Tobacco online has never been easier, just browse the many popular premium imported and domestic pipe tobacco brands we have listed below and take comfort in knowing that they all come shipped to you from Santa Clara Cigars fast, fresh, and very affordably priced.
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Connecticut Broadleaf

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Medium - Full