White Owl

The famous White Owl Cigar blunts, cigarillos, and other more modest sizes have been an incredibly popular choice for smokers since 1887. Setting a top-notch standard by which all other domestic cigars are judged, these famous cigars are available for your shoppers in a large array of mouthwatering flavors for all of their sizes, and convenient packaging types to appeal to any manner of preference and taste. With such a wide variety of flavors infused with the Homogenized Tobacco Leaf and Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed fillers, they are a must-have in any liquor store, quick mart, convenience store, tobacco shop, or any other cigar-friendly establishment or cigar store. They are one of the most profitable machine-made cigar brands in the USA, especially the White Owl blunt size, so order your customers’ favorite sizes and flavors at wholesale prices online today at Santa Clara Cigars.

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