From Scranton, Pennsylvania, the famous machine made Parodi cigar brand has been around since before World War I broke out over 100 years ago. Now made under the watchful eyes of the Avanti Cigar Company, Parodi cigars are crafted with 100% American top-quality tobaccos from three different crop years that are fire cured to perfection, unlocking their flavor. These dry-cured stogies are blended to have a good, satisfying, medium-bodied taste that provide earthy and sweet tobacco notes. In addition to the great flavors, Parodi also comes in a wide variety of sizes made with top-notch machine construction to ensure a consistent smoke. Your customers will love these time-honored and affordable classics, generating a profit for your cigar store from them lining up with Parodi at your register. Place your order with Santa Clara Cigars to get the best wholesale prices on Parodi you can find on the internet!

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