Villiger Braniff

One of the best machine-made cigars you can offer to your customers, Villiger Braniff cigars are thin sticks that your customers who are short on time will absolutely love. Offered in two distinct blends and packaged in either boxes of 50 or as five packs of 10, Braniff is worthy of spot right next to the register to make some extra sales and profits. Coming in two blends, the Braniff #2 and Braniff #3, the #2 features aged fillers from the Philippines, Italy, Brazil, and Indonesia covered by a golden Mexican wrapper, while the #3 boasts Brazilian, Nicaraguan, Dominican, Indonesian, and Italian fillers tucked inside a top-quality Brazilian wrapper that is dark and luscious. Made with machines for a precise top-notch roll and burn with each and every stick, these are some deliciously good yet affordable smokes that shoppers will want again and again. Order Villiger Braniff cigars at the best wholesale prices on the web right here at Santa Clara Cigars.
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