Riata premium handmade cigars come in affordable bundles that will have your customers going crazy, and after looking at your profit margins from these sticks, you’ll have a smile from ear to ear. The Riata is a bold medium-bodied cigar with amazing flavor and solid construction. Hand rolled in Nicaragua with top-notch construction, Riata is made with aged Honduran long fillers tucked inside a hearty Mexican binder and a top-quality Mexican wrapper that is available in both EMS and maduro varieties. Balanced notes of pepper, earth, nuts, and dark roast coffee with a medium-bodied profile will entice customers of all levels; the hearty and rich flavors make it the perfect daily smoke for seasoned aficionados, while still being smooth for more novice tastes. At such a low price, it is almost impossible to find a flavorful, well-constructed smoke. It’s time to believe in the impossible, so pick up the Riata on your next wholesale order with Santa Clara Cigars.

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