Punch Grand Cru

Created in the mid-1800s, Punch was one of the oldest and most trusted brands in Cuba. However due to the trade embargo with Cuba in 1962, these top shelf cigars are no longer legally sold in the States. Today, the non-Cuban Punch is considered to be the quintessential Honduran cigar thanks to its rich, bold” Cubanesque” quality and taste . With this line extension called the Grand Cru, Punch decided to make a more refined and luxurious version of its original line. The Punch Grand Cru is an exquisite medium-bodied cigar that is exceptionally smooth due to its extensively aged tobaccos. It features the same delicious combination of long-filler tobaccos as its predecessor, but with an additional three years of aging. These rich, earthy, nutty, and naturally sweet cigars are available in either a light Connecticut shade or a rich dark maduro Connecticut wrapper. show your customers the softer side of Punch, and order the Grand Cru from Santa Clara Wholesale Cigars today!
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