Partagas Cigars

Partagas Cigars are one of the most famous Cuban heritage brands that are still in production today in the United States. Since the embargo, the popular Partagas brand is made by the prominent General Cigar factory in the cigar-friendly nation of the Dominican Republic, which handcrafts some of the most trustworthy and sought-after premium cigar brands in the world. Extremely skilled artisans create a variety of exceptional top-rated blends that are available in an array of sizes, strengths, wrapper types, and flavor profiles. Among the best-selling is the Classic Partagas blend, which features a blend of aged Dominican and Nicaraguan long fillers resting inside a rich Mexican binder and seamlessly dressed in a top-shelf Cameroon wrapper. They provide smooth medium-bodied notes of nuts, zesty pepper, leather, and a smooth creamy finish that will capture the hearts of your customers. Regular cigar smokers are sure to include top-quality Partagas cigars in their daily rotation, so stock up your cigar store at unbeatable wholesale prices by getting your Partagas inventory from Santa Clara Cigars.
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