Oliveros Cigars

Oliveros Cigars are the brainchild of the famous cigar blender Rafael Nodal. Any modern cigar store is well acquainted with the name Rafael Nodal. Quickly and diligently earning a spot as one of the biggest names in the industry today, Nodal has dedicated his years of work and craftsmanship to creating masterful brands like Oliveros. Available in Ecuadorian Habano or Nicaraguan Maduro shades, these cigars are premium blends made from the finest ingredients. Stuffed to the brim with Nicaraguan filler tobaccos that have been aged with meticulous care by Nodal’s highly skilled artisans, Oliveros Cigars emulates the style and flavors of authentic Cuban smokes. They are perfectly balanced, made with top-notch construction, and will undoubtedly nab a permanent spot in your customers’ humidors. With Santa Clara, you can make sure Oliveros Cigars never run out, order today at the best wholesale prices on the internet!

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