Oliva Connecticut Reserve

Suggest Oliva Connecticut Reserve premium handmade cigars to your shoppers who love that good Oliva flavor but also enjoy things on the mellower side, and you will definitely make their day, satisfy their cravings. These extremely popular Connecticut-wrapped smokes from the famous Oliva family showcase the mellower side of a brand that are well-known for their big, bold, and complex flavors. The modest, rich, and warm flavors are accompanied by the most enjoyable hints of coffee, cream, cedar, and a dash of Oliva’s signature spice, making for one seriously top-notch mellow-medium bodied smoke. Available in a wide variety of sizes and packaging quantities to appeal to any customer’s needs, these distinguished smokes are guaranteed to be a big hit and are sure to increase your profits. Stock up on Oliva Connecticut Reserve at the best wholesale prices on the web by placing your order online now with Santa Clara Cigars!

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