The shape and size of Nub premium handmade cigars are, admittedly, a little ridiculous. However, they were crafted for a unique purpose—a delicious purpose that they are famous for fulfilling. The rollers at the Oliva factory wanted to create a cigar that immediately hits the sweet spot instead of having to wait until the second third. Thus, the aptly named Nub was born. Even with its shorter length, its big ring gauge will give you a good and long, even-burning smoke. With aged Nicaraguan long fillers and binder composing the core, Nubs come in a wide variety of delicious blends and top-shelf wrappers: Cameroon, Brazilian Maduro, Connecticut Shade, and even Habano, all of which are medium-bodied to fit virtually any palate preference. Since their creation, Nubs have certainly been popular in the industry not just for their unique shape but also for their outstanding flavor and quality. Add the Nub to your cigar store’s lineup today by ordering at the best wholesale prices on the web with Santa Clara Cigars.

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