Macanudo cigars are one of the most popular brands on the market. Therefore, at Santa Clara, we always have a large inventory readily available to ship out to your store for the best wholesale prices on the web. Expertly handcrafted by the famed General Cigar Company since 1969, the original Dominican Macanudo Café line took the industry by storm when it was first released, and it still remains one of the bestselling Dominican cigars on the market today. Since this inaugural flagship release, the Macanudo brand portfolio has grown exponentially over the past few decades to include a wide assortment of line extensions that will accommodate smokers of all strength preferences and experience levels. This includes top-rated blends such as Cru Royale, Gold Label, the Inspirado Red, White, Orange Series, and many more, all made with the same stringent attention to detail that first launched this time-honored brand to stardom. Macanudo cigars are beloved by smokers the world over, so you can count on them being an enormously popular choice in your store. Stock up today from Santa Clara for the best wholesale cigar prices on the web.
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