Las Cabrillas

Enticing for both its flavor profile and its low price, Las Cabrillas handmade premium cigars provide a flavorful medium-bodied smoke featuring a quite unique blend of tobaccos. The aged long fillers and binder are highly regarded vintage tobacco from Mexico’s San Andrés Tuxtla Valley, providing a zesty and peppery spice that is a signature of the Mexican leaf. While spicy and savory, this cigar maintains a smooth aroma and is available in two top-quality wrapper options: a golden-brown Connecticut shade or a rich and dark Connecticut Broadleaf, with the broadleaf wrapper providing a good helping of chocolate and dried fruit sweetness to the flavor profile. Available in five sizes, each one named after a famous explorer, these Mexican beauties will sell quick and provide your cigar store with a profit. Order Las Cabrillas cigars today from Santa Clara Cigars and get them at the best wholesale prices on the web!

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