Honduran Factory Corojos

If your customers are looking for an affordable bundle brand from a popular manufacturer, they will not have to look any further than Honduran Factory Corojos. Nestor Plasencia is one of the most legendary and highly regarded blenders in the industry and for good reason. From his famous Honduran factory, we were able to take some of his overproduced blends and inexpensively package them to provide you with delicious top-quality cigars at a ridiculously low price. The Honduran Factory Corojo is a complex cigar made with tobaccos from all around the world, including aged long fillers from the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua. There are two wrapper options: a dark and oily Costa Rican maduro wrapper or a top-shelf Sumatra EMS leaf from Ecuador. For a bundle of 50 cigars, you won’t find a better smoke for a better value. Load up on the Honduran Factory Corojos today at unbeatable wholesale prices from Santa Clara Cigars.

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