Genuine Counterfeit
Cuban Cigars

While these aren’t real-deal authentic premium Cuban Cigars, Genuine Counterfeit Cuban Cigars are as close to the real thing as smokers are going to get in the U.S.A. Crafted by the best master blenders and rollers in Nicaragua, Genuine Counterfeit Cuban cigars are made to be a satisfying alternative to old-school Cuban cigars in terms of flavor, strength, sizes, weight, and even the names. Available in three top-quality lines, all crafted with a complex blend of flavor-packed filler tobaccos, these Cuban copies will be incredibly popular with those who crave the tastes of Havana. They are economically priced, and Santa Clara Cigars stocks them on their website in numerous sizes, shapes, and packaging types all sold at unbeatable wholesale prices. You may want to make a point of stocking these in your store as soon as possible; who knows when the embargo will end? Order boxes of 25 or packs of 5 online today with Santa Clara Cigars.

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