Habanitos by

Don Lino

A line of premium smokes that your customers will love, Habanitos by Don Lino cigars will delight them with an incredibly affordable price that will be hard to beat! Habanitos comes in three popular vitolas, including the big-ring 7x70 Grande, which are featured in two distinctly good blends, the Suave and the Fuerte. Both blends are composed finely aged Nicaraguan long filler and binder tobaccos at the core, with the Suave presenting a top-quality Nicaraguan EMS wrapper and the Fuerte boasts a Nicaraguan Oscuro wrapper that is exceptionally dark and oily. With the Suave, your customers will enjoy a savory and balanced medium-bodied medley of spice, leather, and earth, and the Fuerte provides an extra medium-full bodied kick with extra flavors of bittersweet chocolate. Packaged in bundles of 20 that are perfect for them to stuff in their humidors, get your inventory of Habanitos by Don Lino cigars at the best wholesale prices on the web by placing your next order with Santa Clara Cigars.
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