Casa Blanca

Casa Blanca, one our oldest and most trusted brands here at Santa Clara, has remained a popular choice among shoppers that enjoy smooth mellow to medium bodied smokes with an affordable price. Casa Blanca Reserve cigars brings a long awaited fuller bodied blend to the iconic Casa Blanca brand portfolio. The Reserve blend still uses the same Mexican binder and aged long filler tobacco from the Dominican Republic, this time with a more robust Ecuadorian leaf replacing the Connecticut wrapper found on the original blend . Medium bodied cigar fans will enjoy a smoke with complex flavors of coffee, cedar, leather, and spice not found on its mellower counterparts, yet it will be Just as smooth and satisfying as ever. Casa Blanca Reserve cigars are available right here at Santa Clara Wholesale Cigars in affordable 20-count bundles that are certain to fly off your shelves in record breaking, highly profitable numbers.
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