Brick House Cigars

Brick House Cigars were made by the famous J.C. Newman Cigar Company way back in the day in memory of the Newman family tradition of hosting parties in their home, the only brick house in their Hungarian village, prior to the great depression. In recent history, current brand owners and grandsons Bobby and Eric Newman are reviving this Cuban-style brand much to the delight of smokers everywhere who love Nicaraguan tobaccos and will quickly gain popularity in your cigar store. While there are three distinct blends, all three boast a core of finely aged Nicaraguan Cuban-seed long fillers. The original Brick House blend features a top-quality Ecuador Havana wrapper that is rich with spicy flavors. Brick House Maduro, for customers who like things on the darker side, uses a top-shelf Brazilian Arapiraca leaf that has been fermented to perfection. Last but not least, Brick House Double Connecticut features a premium Connecticut Shade wrapper over a Connecticut Broadleaf binder, a blend perfect for more novice aficionados or for seasoned palates looking for a good morning-midday smoke. Whatever your customers need, there is a Brick House Cigar to satisfy them, so order the collection at the best wholesale prices on the internet with Santa Clara Cigars.

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