Avo Cigars

Avo cigars have become worldwide sensations over the years and are some of the best premium cigars ever made. Created by musician Avo Uvezian, these beauties are meticulously crafted and follow a set of standards that are sky-high. The choice tobaccos that are used in each and every recipe provide the smoker with a symphony of smooth, mellow, and enjoyable nuances that complement a range of mellow, medium, full, bold, and/or complex flavors, depending on which blend is smoked. Santa Clara has these cigars available for sale on the website in a slew of different sizes, shapes, flavor profiles, and packaging types to meet the needs of every lover of the leaf. Whether you choose to stock the original Avo Classic line or some of the others such as Avo Maduro, Avo XO, or Avo Syncro Nicaragua, your shoppers will thank you for recommending something so darn good!
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