Ashton Cigars

Founded in 1985, Ashton Cigars is one of the most well-respected and top-rated names in the cigar industry, famous for providing connoisseurs with a rewarding and luxurious smoking experience that’s darn near close to perfection. They have earned well-deserved high scores in famous cigar magazines like Cigar Aficionado, with blends consistently landing on their yearly top-25 list. The masters behind these gems make sure that only the finest top-quality tobaccos and techniques are used in the crafting of every handmade premium cigar. Flavor profiles that range from smooth, mellow, and creamy, all the way up to zesty, bold, and complex can be found throughout the many different top-shelf blends that are available, appealing to a wide range of palate preferences. It’s imperative that Ashton cigars are a regular offering in your establishment, as you’ll have many customers buying them up and providing your cigar store with a good profit. Order your inventory of Ashton Cigars from Santa Clara Cigars to get these fantastic smokes at the best wholesale prices on the market!

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